Whether you want to help the blind to see, the lame to walk, or solve climate change ; there are tools to help you do it.

The 2017 Guide to STEM Colleges & Programs is the result of an exciting collaboration between TeenLife Media and NACAC. It not only has valuable advice just for STEM students but also lists more than 300 universities, colleges and other programs that want to recruit creative and dedicated students, including women, minorities and the underserved.

At Excite All Stars, we have been helping students plan their futures for the last decade. We strongly encourage you to explore different careers by attending one or more summer programs on a college campus in the four years before applying to college. Excite All Stars hosts one of such programs:techN.O.kids learn and play program! In fact, more than 700 programs in the guide are STEM-related.

Science, technology, engineering and math majors are in high demand. One way you can find out about where to pursue these majors is at a STEM College and Career Fair sponsored by NACAC in the spring and fall of 2018!

If you live near one or more colleges, chances are that you can attend a summer program as a “commuter” rather than a residential participant – and get the same experience at a fraction of the price. You can tell you parents that if you attend one of these programs, you are more likely to pursue a major that interests you and therefore more likely to graduate in four years.

This is an exciting time to be interested in all things STEM. Let Excite All Stars help you create your own future! Download a free PDF of the STEM Guide here.

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