Excite LIT Program

Excite All Stars LIT PROGRAM (Leader in Training) 

Excite All Stars Day Camp’s Teen Leadership Program imparts entering 9th and 10th graders with the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful leaders and adults. At Excite, leadership is about making a difference in the lives of others. This is the context of our program.

EARN and LEARN!  Participants will earn a weekly stipend while learning valuable skills and disciplines.  Our spectacular Summer Camp setting creates a dynamic HANDS-ON environment for teens to develop their leadership skills through a wide variety of fun and challenging team projects, activities, workshops and lively discussions.

Any exploration of leadership begins with self-reflection. We will help every child take a personal inventory of their leadership skills and attributes, and will then help set individual goals for their personal growth throughout the summer.

Earn while you learn!  in our Excite LIT (Leader in Training Program (Age 15-completed 9th grade)


Our Philosophy and Approach: 
The mission of Excite All Stars Teen Leadership Program is to provide an enriching experience for young adults, while enabling them to maximize their individual potential to transform into dynamic leaders- capable of making a positive difference in the world.

The philosophy and approach of Excite’s Teen Leadership Program is anchored by two main concepts: The Leadership Equation & L.E.A.D Framework. These two big ideas bring the program’s mission to life.

Leadership Equation – Defining Leadership
Leadership = Service + Vision + Drive
Service – Giving back to others.
Vision – Seeing opportunity & possibility.
Drive – Being motivated to improve yourself, and make the world a better place for all.

L.E.A.D Framework – The Pathway to Leadership
Learn Life Skills:  ~ Decision Making ~ Problem Solving ~ Conflict Resolution ~ Time Management ~ Stress Management ~ Teamwork ~ Acceptance of Diversity ~ Relationship/Social Skills

Envision Your Future:~ Imagine Your Future Footprint ~ Envision Long-Term Success ~ Create a Road Map to Achieve Your Goals ~ Explore Career Paths

Accept Challenges: ~ Think Outside the Box ~ Push Beyond Perceived Limitations ~ Realize Your Potential ~ Discover Your Personal Interests and Values ~ Avoid Taking the “Easy Road” ~ Stay True to Yourself and Don’t Follow the ‘Crowd’

Do For Others:  ~ Help Those Who Need Help ~ Make a Positive Difference for Others ~ Be a Role Model ~ Pay it Forward ~ Positively Impact Your Camp and Local Community